NOTE: init script is already provided with Fedora DS 1.1 and later

On linux and Solaris the init script is already provided and installed in the correct place. On linux, you will still have to run

chkconfig fedora-ds on    

to make fedora-ds start at boot time.

The following information is for 1.0.x and earlier versions only.

SysV Init scripts for Fedora DS

Here is a link to an init script. Here is another. Here is one for the Admin Server. There are some issues to take into consideration:

Init Scripts for Suse 9/10

Here is a link to an init script for the directory server, and here is one for the admin server. When you download and install the files, be sure to remove the .suse suffix.

Then, after downloading the files:

fedora-ds script

chmod 755 fedora-ds    
cp fedora-ds /etc/init.d/    
ln -s /etc/init.d/fedora-ds /usr/sbin/rcfedora-ds    

Edit /etc/init.d/fedora-ds and change APP_NAME var value to name of you application, and enable the service in yast or in console.

chkconfig fedora-ds on    


chmod 755 fedora-ds-admin    
cp fedora-ds-admin /etc/init.d/    
ln -s /etc/init.d/fedora-ds-admin /usr/sbin/rcfedora-ds-admin    

And enable the service in yast or in console

chkconfig fedora-ds-admin on    
Last modified on 7 August 2014