Install Guide for Directory Server Gateway (DSGW), Phonebook, and Org Chart


The package fedora-ds-admin is required. You should have already installed fedora-ds-admin and fedora-ds-base.

yum install fedora-ds-dsgw


The command /usr/sbin/setup-ds-dsgw is used to configure the DSGW and the other web apps for use in the Administration Server. This writes config files to /etc/dirsrv/dsgw. The setup script attempts to determine the appropriate directory server and administration servers to use from the files in /etc/dirsrv/slapd-* and /etc/dirsrv/admin-serv. You must have already run to configure your directory and administration servers. There are 4 main config files:

By default, setup-ds-dsgw will not overwrite an existing installation. If you want to re-run setup-ds-dsgw, you must either remove the files dsgw.conf, pb.conf, and orgchart.conf in /etc/dirsrv/dsgw, or use setup-ds-dsgw -r.

The setup script will also enable the use of these web applications from the main Admin Server HTML home page.

Last modified on 9 May 2024