389 Directory Server

The enterprise-class Open Source LDAP server for Linux. LDAP is a protocol for representing objects in a network database. Commonly LDAP servers are used to store identities, groups and organisation data, however LDAP can be used as a structured NoSQL server. 389 Directory Server is hardened by real-world use, is full-featured, supports multi-supplier replication, and already handles many of the largest LDAP deployments in the world. The 389 Directory Server can be downloaded for free, and set up in less than an hour. Get started with a new install!


An open source, real-world, hardened directory service. All our code has been extensively tested with sanitisation tools. As well as a rich feature set of fail-over and backup technologies gives administrators confidence their accounts are safe.


High performance LDAP server that can handle thousands of operations per second, and hundreds of thousands of accounts.


With a database size that is only restricted by diskspace, high throughput performance, and multi-supplier replication for horizontal scaling, 389 Directory Server can meet the needs of the most demanding environments - from small business to cloud.

If you’re new to the project you should start with our getting started page. It contains information about what LDAP is, how to install an instance, and what to do next. Our mission page also contains information about our goals and vision.

Key Features


To get in touch with us, you can try to reach us on IRC at #389 on irc.libera.chat or on one of our mailing lists.


We have moved our IRC channel #389 from freenode to irc.libera.chat (irc://irc.libera.chat/389)