Overview of Directory Server Web Apps

A gateway for Fedora Directory Server is an HTTP-to-LDAP client that lives on an HTTP server. Using special directives embedded in HTML files, the Directory Server web applications provide access to user directory data through any web browser. Having the Directory Server Gateway and other web applications allows users to access directory data and do basic server management without having to log into the Directory Server Console. There can be multiple Directory Server gateways on one HTTP server, providing access to any number of Directory Server instances. Every web application instance has the following:

The Directory Server has four default web app instances:

The web apps are available by connecting to the Admin Server URL (such as <nowiki>http://ldap.example.com:9830/</nowiki>) and selecting the application from the menu. Each app also has its own specific URL.

Web Apps

All of these default web apps use the suffix (such as dc=example,dc=com) which was set when the web apps were configured (using the setup-ds-dsgw command). They can use the SSL port (636) to communicate with the Directory Server, if the Directory Server is configured to use SSL.

Getting Started

The web apps are not included with the basic FDS packages, so first install and setup the web app services. For basic help to edit the HTML pages used for the web apps UI, check out the basic HTML editing section.

Last modified on 5 June 2024