Configure Option To Disable Instance Specific Scripts


Now that is fixed, the next step is to allow installing the server with the instance specific scripts disabled.

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Use Cases

389ds will be built with template scripts and will not install them to instances by default.

389ds will be built with template scripts and if requested with, will install the scripts along with a deprecation warning.

389ds will be built with templates scripts and upon a –upgrade, will prompt the user to delete or preserve the instance directory.


All documentation for 389ds should be updated to reflect the usage of the /usr/sbin/

The template scripts should be checked to ensure that they are merely templates to the /usr/sbin scripts, rather than still full scripts. This should already have been covered by will gain a new option to enable the installation of the instance directory and script. This should have an option in the .inf setup file. Only when this option is specified will inst_dir become a necessary option to fill in. Otherwise inst_dir is ignored. By default, the installation of these scripts is disabled. in upgrade mode will gain an option to delete the inst_dir. If this is not taken, the scripts will be upgraded as usual. However, a warning should be presented due to deprecation.

At some time in the future, there support for the per-instance script directory should be removed.

Once this is complete, the per-instance script templates will be removed from git.


No impact.

Updates and Upgrades

See implementation.


No dependencies.

External Impact

No external impact.


Last modified on 27 October 2015