FHS Packaging

The proposed new layout is based on FHS (Filesystem Hierarchy Standard) and Fedora Packaging. Fedora Packaging Guidelines http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging/Guidelines FHS (Filesystem Hierarchy Standard) http://www.pathname.com/fhs/

New packages

Core 389

The layout of the next version of Directory Server is going to look much different from previous versions. We will be using system locations for:

Directory Server instances will each have their own directory on the filesystem that will contain instance specific files such as:

These instance directories can exist wherever the user wants them to on the filesystem.

Below is a proposal for how the Directory Server layout will look. A * denotes a file or directory created by new instance creation - not part of the RPM.

   lib[64]/ - lib on 32 bit systems, lib64 on 64 bit systems    
       - shared libs only used by ns-slapd and command line tools, such as libslapd, libds-nshttpd, libds_admin    
         - instance specific command line and CGI programs used for server management (db2ldif, ldif2db, etc.)    
         - plugin shared libs (e.g. libreplication-plugin.so)    
     setup-ds-admin.pl - replaces the old setup command    
     migrate-ds-admin.pl - used for upgrade/migration    
     setup-ds.pl - replaces ds_newinst.pl    
     migrate-ds.pl - does not upgrade/migrate admin server or console information    
     - command line utilities which are not instance specific - dsktune, logconv.pl, etc.    
     - load generating tools - dbgen, infadd, rsearch, ldclt    
       ldif/ - sample LDIF files    
       script-templates/ - templates for scripts used during instance creation    
       properties/ - property/resource files    
       inf/ - server brand/version information files    
       *slapd-INSTANCE/ - access logs - error logs    
       *slapd-INSTANCE/ - lock files    
       slapd-INSTANCE.pid - pid file - used by the init script as well as start-slapd and stop-slapd    
       slapd-INSTANCE.startpid - startpid file    
       slapd-INSTANCE.stats - SNMP statistics for the agent    
       slapd-INSTANCE.socket - LDAPI socket    
         db/ - database files    
         bak/ - database backups    
         ldif/ - default location for LDIF database dumps    
   init.d/ - rc init scripts    
     dirsrv - operates on all instances by default, or can specify instance to use    
     dirsrv-admin - admin server init script    
   sysconfig/ or default/ - most linux distros use sysconfig, other OSes use default    
     dirsrv - used to set environment (keytab, ulimit, etc.) for directory server    
     dirsrv-admin - used to set environment (keytab, ulimit, etc.) for admin server    
   dirsrv/ - default config files    
     schema/ - default schema files    
     *slapd-INSTANCE/ - instance specific dynamic config, security (cert8.db) files    
       schema/ - instance specific dynamic schema    
     admin-serv/ - admin server config directory, security (cert8.db) files    

For the 389-ds-base-devel package:

 /usr/include/dirsrv/slapi-plugin.h - the plug-in API interface file    
 /usr/lib[64]/dirsrv/libslapd.so - the plug-in API library    

Possible enhancements:

Work in progress

Sub packages:



Old paths vs. New

The old paths are listed as relative to the server root directory (e.g. /opt/fedora-ds). Fedora RPM build macros are listed here - they will be referred to below instead of the hard code path

Old Path New Path New Package Description
dist %{_datadir}/dirsrv/html 389-admin admin server
plugins N/A 389-ds-base-devel N/A
lib %{_libdir}/dirsrv/plugins 389-ds-base Server plug-ins
lib/perl %{_perlsitelib} perl-Mozilla-LDAP installed into system perl as a site package (now in Fedora)
shared/lib %{_libdir} Various NSPR, NSS, LDAPSDK, etc. will be in separate packages (or part of Fedora)
shared/bin %{_bindir} Various NSPR, NSS, LDAPSDK, etc. will be in separate packages - %{_libdir}/mozldap for ldapsearch, etc.
shared/config %{_sysconfdir}/dirsrv/admin-serv 389-admin All of the disparate config files have been combined into adm.conf
shared/config/template %{_datadir}/dirsrv/template 389-admin config file templates used to produce real config files at setup time
manual/help %{_datadir}/dirsrv/manual, %{_libdir}/fedora-ds-admin 389-admin The help CGI binary will go in _libdir
manual/en/admin %{_datadir}/dirsrv/manual/admin/en 389-admin-console on-line help (not man pages)
manual/en/console %{_datadir}/dirsrv/manual/console/en idm-console-framework on-line help (not man pages)
manual/en/slapd %{_datadir}/dirsrv/manual/console/en 389-ds-console on-line help (not man pages)
java %{_datadir}/java console packages note ldapjdk.jar, jss.jar are in their respective packages - see jpackage.org
java/jars/ds*, java/jars/fedora-ds* %{_datadir}/dirsrv/java 389-ds-console console jar files for managing fedora-ds-base
java/jars/admserv*, java/jars/fedora-admserv* %{_datadir}/dirsrv/java 389-admin-console console jar files for managing 389 admin server 389-admin
setup %{_sbindir}/setup-ds-admin.pl 389-admin The setup program/script (note - ds_newinst.pl has been replaced with setup-ds.pl)
admin-serv Various 389-admin see admin server package description
clients/dsgw Various dsgw see dsgw package description
clients/orgchart Various orgchart see orgchart package description
clients/dsmlgw %{_datadir}/java/dsmlgw dsmlgw Will be simply a standard WAR file
clients/lib %{_libdir} Various NSPR, NSS, LDAPSDK, ICU, AdminUtil will be in separate packages
alias %{_sysconfdir}/dirsrv/{slapd-instance,admin-serv} 389-ds-base, 389-admin crypto data is instance specific - see also admin server package description
bin/admin see admin server 389-admin see admin server package description
bin/slapd/lib %{_libdir}/dirsrv, others 389-ds-base, others Only libns-dshttpd is in 389-ds-base, the rest are in their own packages
bin/slapd/server %{_sbindir} - ns-slapd; %{_bindir} - other command line tools; %{_libdir}/dirsrv - libslapd.so 389-ds-base  
bin/slapd/authck dsgw dsgw dsgw cookie dir - see dsgw description
bin/slapd/property %{_datadir}/dirsrv/properties 389-ds-base localized messages from ns-slapd (libns-dshttpd)
bin/slapd/install/schema %{_sysconfdir}/dirsrv/schema 389-ds-base default schema, config files; sample ldif files; legacy config for migration assistance
bin/slapd/install/ldif %{_datadir}/dirsrv/ldif 389-ds-base sample ldif files
bin/slapd/install/config %{_sysconfdir}/dirsrv/config 389-ds-base default config files
bin/slapd/admin/scripts %{_datadir}/dirsrv/script-templates 389-ds-base templates for instance specific scripts
bin/slapd/admin/dsml moved to dsmlgw package dsmlgw see dsmlgw description
bin/slapd/admin/version* N/A N/A legacy schema used for migration - not present in 389
bin/slapd/admin/bin %{_bindir} 389-ds-base, 389-admin programs and scripts for command line and CGI/console server management
slapd-instance %{_sysconfdir}/dirsrv/slapd-instance 389-ds-base see slapd instance table

slapd instance specific paths

These paths are instance specific, usually found under /opt/fedora-ds/slapd-INSTANCE, where INSTANCE is localhost or the machine hostname. Package is 389-ds-base unless noted in the Description.

Old Path New Path Description
. %{_libdir}/dirsrv/slapd-INSTANCE Instance specific scripts
bak %{_localstatedir}/lib/dirsrv/slapd-INSTANCE/bak database backups
db %{_localstatedir}/lib/dirsrv/slapd-INSTANCE/db database files
ldif %{_localstatedir}/lib/dirsrv/slapd-INSTANCE/ldif default location for database LDIF exports
locks %{_localstatedir}/lock/dirsrv/slapd-INSTANCE server/db lock files
logs %{_localstatedir}/log/dirsrv/slapd-INSTANCE access, errors, and rotated log files
logs/pid %{_localstatedir}/run/dirsrv/slapd-INSTANCE.pid, %{_localstatedir}/run/dirsrv/slapd-INSTANCE.startpid The pid files
config %{_sysconfdir}/dirsrv/slapd-INSTANCE instance specific dynamic config (dse.ldif)
config/schema %{_sysconfdir}/dirsrv/slapd-INSTANCE/schema instance specific dynamic schema
ldif %{_datadir}/dirsrv/data sample ldif files - not instance specific anymore
dsml see dsmlgw package moved to dsmlgw package

Admin Server

Note that mod_nss is a separate package, so we need to figure out where the Apache module and the nss_pcache program are.

Old Path New Path Description
bin/admin %{_bindir} command line utilities for managing admin server
bin/admin/property %{_datadir}/dirsrv/properties localized properties for admin server
bin/admin/lib %{_libdir}/dirsrv/modules, others libmodadmserv.so, libmodrestartd.so - the others are in their own separate packages (NSPR, NSS, etc.)
bin/admin/admin/icons %{_datadir}/dirsrv/icons icons/images for html pages
bin/admin/admin/html %{_datadir}/dirsrv/html html pages for admin server web app
bin/admin/admin/bin %{_bindir} command line and CGI programs and scripts
bin/admin/admin/bin/property %{_datadir}/dirsrv/properties localized properties for admin server
admin-serv/config %{_sysconfdir}/dirsrv/admin-serv config files
admin-serv/logs %{_localstatedir}/log/dirsrv/admin-serv log files
admin-serv/ldif %{_datadir}/dirsrv/data ldif templates for admin server configuration


Last modified on 24 May 2017