Fedora Release Process


You will need a FAS account at https://admin.fedoraproject.org/accounts/user/new

git push access - you will need to be a member of the git389 group in FAS

DS = the 389 source code SCM

git clone git@github.com:389ds/389-ds-base.git

Fedora = the 389-ds-base dist-git repo which contains the specfile

fedpkg clone 389-ds-base

DS - checkout the source, add the fixes, set the version, tag it, and archive it

mkdir /home/source/ds389; cd /home/source/ds389
git clone git@github.com:389ds/389-ds-base.git
cd 389-ds-base
git checkout 389-ds-base-x.x

Fedora - Dist-Git - New release

git checkout rawhide  (or f39, f38, ...)

Fedora - Dist-Git Option 2 - Test build with patches

Let assume rawhide branch contains some fixes that are partial (or broken) and you want to do a rawhide build with a crafted list of patches

DS - Push the updates and the tag

NOTE: Do not push the tags until you are sure the builds were successful! Once you push a tag, you cannot change it - if you need to make a change to fix a build problem, you will essentially have to repeat all of the steps again, since this will involve a new source version.

NOTE: Do not git push --tags - you may inadvertently push tags you did not intend - push tags specifically by name

cd /home/source/ds389/ds
git push origin 389-ds-base-2.2
git push origin refs/tags/389-ds-base-2.2.2

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Last modified on 11 August 2023