Migrating from OpenLDAP to 389 Directory Server


The schema is in a slightly different format. Fedora DS uses a strict RFC 2252 and LDIF format while OpenLDAP is slightly different. In OpenLDAP, the attribute type definition begins with “attributetype” while in Fedora DS it begins with “attributetypes:”. In OpenLDAP, the objectclass definition begins with “objectclass” while in Fedora DS it begins with “objectclasses:”. Continuation lines in OpenLDAP may have more than one space but Fedora DS follows the LDIF convention that the continuation line begins with a single space character. Other than that, the actual text of the schema definition is the same.

Here is a script that handles the RFC 2252 strictness when converting schema.

The perl script ol-schema-migrate.pl here will convert the schema and also nicely format the schema definitions.

This script will recursively expand the OID macro format used in OpenLDAP schema files. The following Perl script may also be helpful:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# this is a quick perl script to convert OpenLDAP schema files
# to FDS ldif (schema) files.  it is probably not anywhere near
# useful, but it did allow me to convert a few of my .schema
# files and have FDS successfully start with them.
# -Nathan Benson <tuxtattoo@gmail.com>

use strict;

die "usage: $0 <openldap.schema>\n" unless my $file = $ARGV[0];
die "$! '$file'\n" unless -e $file;

my $start;

print "dn: cn=schema\n";

open SCHEMA, $file;
while (<SCHEMA>)
        next if /^(#|$)/;

        if (/^(objectclass|attributetype)\s/i)
                print "\n" if ($start);

                $_     =~ s/^objectclass/objectclasses:/i;
                $_     =~ s/^attributetype/attributetypes:/i;
                $_     =~ s/(\t|\s)/ /;

                $start = 1;
        elsif ((/^\s*\w/) && ($start))
                $_     =~ s/^(\s*)/ /;
close SCHEMA;
Last modified on 9 May 2024