How do I set an unlimited line width for ldapsearch

You need to tune the line-width used to implement filter with long strings ‘OU’ in perl scripts, but shared/bin/ldapsearch only show an output of 80 chars max per line, including an attribute name, a semi column, and a carriage return.

You can disable line wrapping with the ldapsearch bundled with Fedora DS (cd /opt/fedora-ds/shared/bin ; ./ldapsearch), use the -T option. It will makes it easier to pass the output to scripts such as grep/sed/awk/perl without using a separate LDIF parser. The command line options are very similar to /usr/bin/ldapsearch from openldap, just omit the -x.

-T          don't fold (wrap) long lines (default is to fold)    


/opt/fedora-ds/shared/bin/ldapsearch -b dc=mstest uid=guest2018 sn    
version: 1    
dn: uid=guest2018,ou=People,dc=mstest    
sn: guest2018-MoreThan80chars-0123456789-0123456789-0123456789-0123456789-0123    

/opt/fedora-ds/shared/bin/ldapsearch -T -b dc=mstest uid=guest2018 sn    
version: 1    
dn: uid=guest2018,ou=People,dc=mstest    
sn: guest2018-MoreThan80chars-0123456789-0123456789-0123456789-0123456789-0123456789-0123456789-0123456789-0123456789-0123456789-0123456789    
Last modified on 7 August 2014