Third Party Plugins

List of Known Public Plugins

Server Side Modification

SSM Plugin on Github

SSM is a plugin published by Czech Technical University from Prague, which allows event driven attribute generation and templating into entries through a DSL that can call into known slapi symbols to generate the content.

This can be considered similar to “COS” (class of service) except that it allows further templating and logic to be applied, and the values are stored into the entry rather than in memory generated.

Why should I Publish my Plugin?

If a plugin is known to the team, we can help advise on it’s development and do code reviews. If more users deploy or use the plugin we might consider it for inclusion in the main project. It also really helps us to understand how people are using the plugin api and possible areas that we should and could extend the server. So please open source your plugins!

Last modified on 5 July 2024